Advertising or not is a tactical choice

There are many methods to promote your business to your target audience without cost, advertising or not, is your choice.

But bear in mind, you can buy your way to show them your product/service; however to buy from you or not remains their choice.

Advertising is a tactical choice because it is merely a method to reach out, the key is in the message. Who are you trying to communicate with? What’s your key messages? How do you plan to advertise? When? How much do you plan to spend/earn?

It all links back to your strategy – which is the umbrella to support your business goal.

Anova is out to advocate sous vide precision cooking method to “let everyone cook like a pro”, that’s a goal. Their strategy mix includes affordable pricing, a powerful mobile app to make long distance control possible for busy working parents and more. They also worked with influencers to make videos and recipes to help the community towards “becoming pro at cooking”.

Once the goal and strategy is being set, the tactics follows. The mobile app gives Anova a powerful story to tell, and the community started to come together to share, help each other and advocate. Advertising is a choice, the story makes it easy to execute.

You can choose not to advertise. But if you do, make sure your strategy supports it by giving it a strong story to tell.