Ads are meant to repeat

I still see the obsession to create new ads, some even change their visuals weekly.

Now this is one of the biggest misconception businesses have about Facebook advertising. They thought that Facebook ads are like posts, the more you post the higher chance you’ll get your audience to act.

The truth is, your organic is less than 3%. That means if you have 1,000 people who liked your page, every time you post you’re reaching less than 30 of them. No, you’re not sure if they actually read, needless to say about taking action.

Now what about ads? Remember a few rule of thumbs:

  • Your ad needs to appear 7-14 times (or in Facebook’s own stat, at least 3 times in 7 days) for your audience to get the message
  • They don’t take action the first time they see your ad
  • Repetition is one of the factor that drives action

I don’t get it when this comes from an established national brand. I mean do you change your TVC or your billboard creative every week?