About A/B split tests

I started Facebook advertising in 2009, that makes it officially 10 years now. When it comes to the Facebook ads design that works, I must admit that I’m always wrong.

Nothing to be ashamed of, because we can never think like our target audience. So let the number speaks, let the audience decide what works better to convince them.

Areas you should consider split testing:

  • Audience targeting (demographic, etc.)
  • Ad placement (Facebook only VS Instagram only)
  • Delivery optimization (objective, reach or impressions)
  • Ad creatives (visual & copy)


While there seems to be quite a lot of work, I have some suggestions when it comes to split testing for your Facebook ads campaigns:

  • Limit to max 3 tests
  • Do it during the beginning of the campaign
  • Each test shouldn’t be longer than 7 days
  • Set aside 10%-20% for tests